Innovative research is being carried out in a wide range of topics including:

  • Financing a sustainable world
  • Accounting for climate change and sustainability
  • Transforming to a sustainable society
  • Doing business sustainably
  • Transitioning to a low carbon economy


Faculty Role
Kenneth Amaeshi Chair in Business and Sustainable Development and Director of the Scaling Business in Africa
Matthew Brander Senior Lecturer in Carbon Accounting
Mary Brennan Chair of Food Marketing and Society and Director of Undergraduate Programmes
Ian Cochran Lecturer in Climate Finance and Investment
Gbenga Ibikunle Professor and Chair of Finance and Director, MSc Finance, Technology, and Policy
Sarah Ivory Lecturer in Climate Change and Business Strategy
Kathi Kaesehage Lecturer in Climate Change and Business Strategy
Craig MacKenzie Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise
Luca Taschini Reader in Carbon Finance
Angela Tregear Personal Chair in Marketing

The Centre for Business, Climate Change, and Sustainability (B-CCaS)

B-CCaS brought together two existing centres (Centre for Business and Climate Change and Sustainable Business Initiative) to build on previous successes in funding, industry engagement, and policy-relevant research.

Partners have included:

  • Volvo and Costain Groups in carbon accounting.
  • China Resources Power, Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, and BHP in carbon capture and storage.
  • the World Bank and Asian Development Bank in climate investment and finance.
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Research in climate change and sustainability

How can businesses lead the way to a low carbon economy?

Dr Kathi Kaesehage discusses her research into how entrepreneurs and SMEs can use their influence in society to help achieve an economy that is based on fewer emissions.

Creative accounting: reporting of purchased (Scope 2) emissions

A look at the impact of Dr Matthew Brander's research into "Creative Accounting: A critical perspective on the market-based method for reporting purchased electricity (scope 2) emissions".