Research in entrepreneurship successfully influences debates in entrepreneurship theory and actively shapes policy.

The focus of the geography on entrepreneurship has contributed to a better understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the ways in which localised social, and economic systems affect the entrepreneurship process and firm strategy in Scotland, Canada, Japan, and in emerging economies, including Malaysia.


Faculty Role
Raluca Bunduchi Senior Lecturer in Innovation & Director PGT Programmes
Marina Candi Professorial Fellow
Sarah Cooper Personal Chair in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Director of Faculty & Deputy Dean
Martin Gannon Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Ian Graham Senior Lecturer in Operations Management & Co-ordinator of Adjustments and School Disability Contact
Francis Greene Chair in Entrepreneurship and Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group
Stephen Harwood Lecturer and Head of Joint UG Programmes
Fumi Kitagawa Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Ashley Lloyd Senior Lecturer in Information Management
Hajar Mozaffar Lecturer in Innovation
Neil Pollock Professor of Innovation and Social Informatics
Alessandro Rosiello Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Ben Spigel Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc
Jordana Viotto da Cruz Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

A collaborative project has highlighted the importance of narrative, story-telling and improvisation in the ‘second pitch’ of entrepreneurs to industry analysts.

Work on crowdfunding is extending the commitment to entrepreneurial finance research in the School, and the role of gender in the entrepreneurial process and policy is an important cross-cutting theme.

Research into scaling up businesses led to Professor Francis Greene being appointed Director of the Scottish University Scale-Up Consortium to lead 15 universities in developing a world-leading, entrepreneur-led, and evidence-based education programme to help new businesses to grow beyond initial start-up phase.