Research and impact in interdisciplinary accounting reflects the Business School’s commitment to equality and fairness. Examples are:

  • History of women in the accounting profession.
  • Technological innovation in humanitarian crises.
  • The development of ‘special audits’ to investigate companies.
  • Giving greater voices to employees and other stakeholders.


Faculty Role
Iris Bosa Lecturer in Accounting
Chris Carter Chair in Strategy and Organisation
Yew-Ming Chia Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Christine Cooper Chair in Accounting
Marian Gatzweiler Senior Lecturer in Organisation and Management Control
Ingrid Jeacle Professor of Accounting and Popular Culture
Stephen Walker Professor of Accounting

Our Interdisciplinary Accounting hub advances agenda-setting research into how accounting, the profession, and calculative practices impact on the management of organisations and cultural formations, and define economic and social relationships. Areas of interest have covered accounting in rural communities, and accounting history research.

The establishment of the Culture, Accounting, and Society Research Network (CASRN) has enabled a significant advancement in understanding the role of accounting in crises, and the impact of crises on accounting and the accountancy profession: World War, natural disasters, hyperinflation, and humanitarian disasters.

Culture, Accounting and Society Research Network (CASRN)

This centre aims to study how accounting impacts on the management and governance of organisations, and the definition of economic and social relationships.

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Institute for Public Sector Accounting Research (IPSAR)

IPSAR aims to promulgate principles and practices for best accounting in the public sector. IPSAR also edits the journal Financial Accountability and Management.

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