Research in leadership, organisations, and society has made distinctive contributions to the debates on:

  • Equality and inclusion
  • Innovation and the future of work
  • The creative industries
  • Collective action and public life
  • Strategic resilience


Faculty Role
Samer Abdelnour Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management
Laura Airey Post Doctoral Research Fellow for Wendy Loretto (Org Studies)
Kenneth Amaeshi Chair in Business and Sustainable Development and Director of the Scaling Business in Africa
John Amis Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation and Head of Strategy Group
Eric Boyd Professorial Fellow
Mary Brennan Chair of Food Marketing and Society and Director of UG Programmes
Thomas Calvard Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Director, MSc International Human Resource Management & Human Resource Management (S1)
Chris Carr Professor of Corporate Strategy
Chris Carter Director of Research Degrees (Principal Programmes) & Chair in Strategy & Organisation
Amna Chaudhry Teaching Assistant
Ian Clarke Professor of Strategy
Kirsten Cowan Lecturer in Marketing and Head of Year 4
Maria Cucciniello Senior Lecturer in Service Management
Corentin Curchod Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management & Organisation
Stephen Dunne Lecturer in Marketing
Susan Dunnett Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Giovanni Formilan Lecturer in Creative Industries
Royston Greenwood Professorial Fellow
Tina Harrison Personal Chair of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption
Mary Ho Lecturer in Marketing
Candace Jones Chair of Global Creative Enterprise
Ron Kerr Senior Lecturer in International Management
Winston Kwon Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Director, MSc International Business and Emerging Markets
Ewelina Lacka Lecturer in Digital Marketing & Analytics
Keyan Lai Lecturer in International Human Resource Management
Rashné Limki Lecturer in Work and Organisation Studies
Ling Liu Lecturer in International Business
Wendy Loretto Dean of the Business School and Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Brian Main Professor of Business Economics
Ben Marder Director of Research Degrees (Collaborative Programmes) and Senior Lecturer in Marketing
David Marshall Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Head of Marketing Group
Ishbel McWha-Hermann Lecturer in International HRM
Susan Murphy Chair in Leadership Development
Stephanie O'Donohoe Professor of Advertising and Consumer Culture
Stephen Osborne Chair of International Public Management
Michelle O'Toole Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Director of MSc Management
Teea Palo Lecturer in Marketing and Head of Year 4
Kristina Potočnik Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Head of Organisation Studies Group
Victoria Rodner Lecturer in Marketing
Xiaobai Shen Senior Lecturer in International and Chinese Business
Lila Skountridaki Lecturer in Organisation Studies
Belinda Steffan Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Soo Min Toh Professorial Fellow
Angela Tregear Personal Chair in Marketing
Rick Woodward Lecturer in International Business
Yumeng Yue Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Jennifer Yule Lecturer in Marketing

Expertise in institutional theory has advanced international research agendas through: contributions to methodology in institutional logistics; enhancing the field’s understanding of stigma; and applying institutional theory to tackling inequality.

Debates on equality and inclusion have been expanded into new subjects (such as volunteering and bisexuality), and extended to the middle east, Africa, and India.

There is strong collaboration and interdisciplinary research in this area, such as with linguists to produce new insights into boardroom decision-making and research on strategy as practice being taken up by City of Edinburgh Council to develop their 2050 vision.

The School is also a leader in service theory thinking and value in public service management.

Research centre

A group of people sitting and talking
Centre for Strategic Leadership (CSL)

The Strategy Group supports the Centre for Strategic Leadership, a research centre focused on fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of strategic leadership.

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Research in leadership, organisations, and society

Supporting Healthy Ageing at Work (SHAW)

SHAW is a three year study in which Business School academics will work with employers, employees, professional bodies, and other key stakeholders, to deepen understanding of how work and health are intertwined in older workers' everyday lives. The aim of the study is to design innovative workplace interventions to support the health and wellbeing of older workers (aged 50+).

Older workers – reducing barriers to employment for over 50s in Scotland

A look at the impact of the research of Professor Wendy Loretto and Dr Laura Airey on "Reducing Barriers to the Employment for Over 50s in Scotland".

Research in a nutshell — how to structure reward in NGOs

Ishbel McWha-Hermann discusses her research interests in the area of justice, diversity and reward in international work contexts.