There is strong collaboration in this theme and we continue to advance research methodologies, such as:

  • Location-routing
  • Modelling for transhipment in retail networks


Faculty Role
Douglas Alem Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics and Programme Director MSc Business Analytics (online)
Galina Andreeva Personal Chair of Societal Aspects of Credit and Head of MSBE Group
Jake Ansell Professor of Risk Management
Thomas Archibald Professor of Business Modelling
Nader Azizi Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics
Raffaella Calabrese Personal Chair of Statistics and Data Science, Director of the Fintech PhD Programme and Programme Director for Banking Innovation & Risk Analytics
Yi Cao Senior Lecturer In Management Science
Aakil Caunhye Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics & School Senior Tutor (UG & PGT)
Viani Djeundje Biatat Research Fellow - Credit Research Centre
Yizhe Dong Senior Lecturer in Banking and Business Economics
Mustapha Douch Senior Lecturer in Business Economics
Tina Harrison Personal Chair of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption, and Head of Marketing Group
Belen Martin-Barragan Reader in Management Science
Fernando Moreira Senior Lecturer in Banking and Risk Management and Programme Director MSc Management
Jamal Ouenniche Chair in Business Analytics and Programme Director for MSc Business Analytics
Roberto Rossi Chair in Uncertainty Modelling and Head of MSBE Group
Maurizio Tomasella Lecturer in Management Science
Augusto Voltes-Dorta Senior Lecturer in Business Economics
Tong Wang Senior Lecturer in Business Economics

Research in management science has developed long-standing areas of expertise in banking and credit, as well as supply chain management and logistics. However more recently this has extended into new areas of contemporary global relevance, such as disaster and aid logistics and major assets infrastructure.

Innovation has led to a number of funded research projects, such EPSRC-funded research looking at machine-learning explainability.

We also work closely with industry, such as partnerships with Costain on major construction projects asset design and operations under uncertainty, and with Volvo on carbon lifecycle analysis.

The research has increasingly included a focus on improving inclusion, such as exposing indirect gender bias in scoring models, extending scoring methods to help those previously unable to gain credit, and devising alternative measures if applicants have no credit history and cannot be scored using conventional methods.

Recent projects have responded to the Covid-19 crisis and focused on Scotland’s economic recovery, especially for vulnerable groups or industries.

Research centres

Credit Research Centre (CRC)

CRC is an impartial research group devoted to the study of credit. It engages in both theoretical and highly applied research of interest to all stakeholders in the industry.

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Operational Research Group of Scotland

This is the official regional body of the OR Society; the world's first catering for the operational research profession. The MSBE group are heavily involved in shaping the activities of this group.

More about the OR Society


Credit Scoring and Credit Control

The Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference, held biannually, covers all aspects of credit scoring and credit control including fraud scoring, debit scoring, reject inference, charges, data protection and neural networks. It is organised by the Credit Research Centre (CRC) and is Europe's premier conference for credit scoring and related topics.

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