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Dr Ben Spigel

Chancellor's Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

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Towards a process theory of entrepreneurial ecosystems

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Envisioning a new research agenda for entrepreneurial ecosystems: Top-down and bottom-up approches

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Meeting its Waterloo? Entrepreneurship, anchor firms and the resilient region

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Entrepreneurial ecosystems as practice: Ecosystem engagement strategies in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland

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Path dependency, entrepreneurship, and economic resilience in resource-driven economies: Lessons from the Newfoundland Offshore Oil Industry, Canada

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The cultural embeddedness of regional innovation: A Bourdieuian perspective

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Developing and governing entrepreneurial ecosystems: The structure of entrepreneurial support programs in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Networking practices and networking cultures

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Edinburgh's entrepreneurial and support ecosystem

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Developing and Governing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

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Did they stay or did they go? Digital talent and ICT anchor firm restructuring in Waterloo region

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Evolution, Entrepreneurship and Lock-in in Resource-Driven Regional Economies

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