University of Edinburgh Business School


Research lies at the core of the Sustainable Business Initiative. We work together with scholars from around the globe to refine the sustainability debate and to provide business organisations with an alternative framework in which to explore their corporate strategies and decisions.


The Africapitalism research project seeks to explore the constraint, enablers and framing of the private sector in Africa’s sustainable development.

Responsible investment

With Scottish Business in the Community, we are examining how Scottish businesses manage and understand the notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability and complexity

SBI are looking at this innovative research domain that looks at holistic and integrative approaches.

Sustainability strategy

One of our main research areas – we seek to understand how organisations create value for both society and their business.

Circular economy

SBI is working with the University and the Scottish Government as research ways to move away from a linear growth model.


The latest publications by SBI members.