We welcome applications from students interested in joining us on a PhD (3 year) or a Master's by Research and PhD (1+3 year) programme.

Key Information
Deadline The deadline for this scholarship has now passed
This award covers the cost of UK or Overseas tuition fees plus a generous stipend
Must meet ESRC residency requirement
Contact Email Email Scholarship Support Team

Project Background

The University of Edinburgh is part of a consortium of 16 universities in Scotland awarded funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to support postgraduate studentships and training in the Social Sciences in Scotland. Under this Doctoral Training Partnership, run by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences (SGSSS) the consortium will consider applications for doctoral studentship awards.

Our Business School research programmes are linked to the Accounting, Finance, Business and Management (AFBM) pathway. We welcome applications from students interested in joining us on a PhD (3 year) or a Master's by Research + PhD (1+3 year) programme.

For more information about the Open Competition please visit the SGSSS website:

SGSSS ESRC Open Competition


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Programme: All candidates must hold a conditional or unconditional offer onto one of our Doctoral programmes (PhD in Accounting, PhD in Finance or PhD in Management, including the Professional Pathway) and expect to join in September 2022. While you can be awaiting an application outcome when applying for this scholarship only those with an offer can be considered. Therefore, please ensure all necessary documents have been uploaded to your programme application before the scholarship deadline.
  • Academic Standing: This normally requires a minimum qualification (or expected qualification if you are a current Master's student) of above-average academic achievement, typically 65% or above overall at the Master's level, with a distinction-level dissertation.
  • English Competency: You must meet the English requirements for the PhD in Management, PhD in Accounting, or PhD in Finance programme. The most commonly approved certificate is an IELTS, for which the minimum accepted score is 7.0 overall with at least 6.0 in each section.

Please note that awards will be split between UK and Overseas applicants. To understand if your application will be considered either UK or Overseas please check out the SGSSS residential criteria website.

Application Deadline

  • Stage 1 (Programme Application): 23:59 GMT, 12 November 2021
  • Stage 2 (SGSSS Application): 17:00 GMT, 9 December 2021


This award covers the cost of UK or Overseas tuition fees plus a generous stipend.

Please note that EU applicants from outside the UK and who have not been resident within the UK for the three years prior to the start of the studentship are only eligible for a fees-only award.

How to Apply

To be considered, candidates must submit both a programme application (Stage 1) and apply to the SGSSS GradHub (Stage 2). We strongly recommend contacting the Pathway Representative Angelica Gonzalez or the Admissions Team at phd@business-school.ed.ac.uk before formally applying.

The application process has two stages, and both stages must be completed in order to be considered for ESRC funding.

Stage One

Applicants interested in being considered for ESRC funding through the Student-led Open Competition must have applied online to either the University of Edinburgh Business School's MSc by Research or PhD in Management programme by 23:59 GMT on 12 November 2021 and indicated their interest in this scholarship by completing the online Business School scholarship form.

Stage Two

Applicants must also make a funding application to the SGSSS before 17:00 GMT on 9 December 2021. Any queries about registering or logging in to the system can be directed to the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.

Selection Process

The Open Competition includes four stages of review, with candidates updated after each stage until either you are awarded or your application is unsuccessful.

  1. University of Edinburgh Pathway Review: Interested candidates will be shortlisted by the University with four candidates nominated in each pathway.
  2. Pathway Review: Pathway Representatives from each Institution will consider applications within their area, nominating up to six candidates in total.
  3. Hub Review: This stage brings the pathways together into three distinct Hubs. The AFMB pathway fits within the Economies, Mind and Technologies Hub alongside four other pathways. The Hub will nominate up to 15 candidates to progress to the final stage.
  4. Global Review: An executive panel of University Deans and members of the SGSSS Directorate meet and make the final award decisions. Last year 30 awards were issued which included 1 applicant who were nominated by our Business School.

Award Announcement Date

The award decision will be communicated to applicants by May 2022.


AFBM Pathway Representative, Dr Angelica Gonzalez

Postgraduate Research Admissions Team


University of Edinburgh Business School
29 Buccleuch Place