It’s never too late to change yourself – thanks to the Edinburgh Award!

Exploring your self awareness is a lifelong journey and I have come to realise that it is never too late to change things about yourself. After participating in the Edinburgh Award, which supports students to become more self-aware, I have experienced some magical changes and have truly benefited from my increased sense of self-awareness.

A Snowy Scotland

Coming from a warm climate in South Africa, I had never seen snow before but luckily in late December, I was blessed to see snow for the first time! I went up Carlton Hill to investigate and as I turned around I saw wonderful white snow on Arthur’s Seat – I was so chuffed! It was a magical experience!

Holidaying with children in the UK

I consider myself lucky to be able to continue my postgraduate study in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. After an intense period of study and exams, my family and I decided to rejuvenate ourselves with a holiday – and fortunately in the UK there are lots of fascinating and iconic places to enjoy. So, we hired a car and set off to explore some of the family-friendly attractions on offer.

Muslim student life in Edinburgh

As a Muslim, Islam requires us to do Salat (prayer), to eat halal food and to fast. Being in new surroundings in a new country, Muslim students might struggle initially to keep up with these worships without the necessary information and insights. Here, I will try to share my experience as a Muslim adapting to life as a student in Edinburgh.