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Senior Lecturer in Finance


Abhishek Srivastav joined the University of Edinburgh as a Senior Lecturer in Finance in 2019. Prior to this, he was a Lecturer at the University of Leeds. Abhishek holds a BE (Honours) in Civil Engineering and an MBA from BITS-Pilani (India), and graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2015.

Abhishek's research interests include financial intermediation (bank risk-taking, community banks, and bank transparency), corporate governance, and asset management. He is also pursuing some research projects that focus on the impact of FinTech on traditional banks.

Abhishek's research has been published in leading finance and accounting journals, such as the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, and Journal of Banking and Finance. His work has also been presented at various finance conferences, such as Financial Management Association meetings, ISB Summer Research Conference, CSBS Community Banking Conference, and the FDIC Annual Research Conference.


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