Aman Gill-Lang Headshot

Impact Co-ordinator

Roles and Responsibilities

As Impact Coordinator in the strategic development of B-CCaS Aman focuses on partnering opportunities in areas of climate change and sustainability. The impact created is measuresd and reported and includes targets in terms of financial contribution, awareness and GHG emissions avoided. She manages the key relationships within B-CCaS and the administrative operations. 


Aman has an unconventional route to climate change. She has a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Forensic Science. She was a Forensic court going expert in the traces of illicit drugs in the UK for many years. She then moved to America and was the Research Coordinator at George Mason University for their Forensic Science Program where her research involved profiling biological traces on latent fingerprints. Aman then moved back to the UK and became a Chemistry teacher to 11-18 year old’s. Not one to stay put, she then moved to Germany and enrolled in the online MSc Carbon Management part time course at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to starting her position as impact coordinator she worked briefly at the UNFCCC working in communications for the Resource, Mobilization and Partnerships sub-division where she engaged with private organisations to partner with the UNFCCC for pre, post and COP events.