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Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Belinda has a PhD in Management from University of Edinburgh (2020) and is a Chartered Management Accountant (qualified 2003). She earned an MSc in Strategic Management Accounting from London Metropolitan University (2002), a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University (2016), and an MSc in Psychology of Individual Differences from University of Edinburgh (2017).  

Research Taxonomy

Research Interests

My research area is how experiences of gender and age, ageing, age bias and age-related stereotyping at work influence continued labour force participation. I am particularly interested in the individual and individual differences as well as the organisational context of work. While my research to date has focused on workers over 50, I am also interested in intergenerational work and age-inclusion. 

Current projects include a 3-year investigation into hidden health factors affecting how workers over 50 engage with work.

Research Area