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Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Belinda has a PhD in Management from University of Edinburgh (2020) and is a Chartered Management Accountant (qualified 2003). She earned an MSc in Strategic Management Accounting from London Metropolitan University (2002), a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University (2016), and an MSc in Psychology of Individual Differences from University of Edinburgh (2017).  

Research Interests

I research how experiences of gender and age, gendered ageing, age bias and age-related stereotyping at work influence continued labour force participation. I am particularly interested in the individual and individual differences within the organisational context of work. While my research to date has focused on workers over 50, I am also interested in intergenerational work and age-inclusion.

My current research focus is on the psychology of women's health at work, specifically menopause.

Current projects include a 3-year investigation into hidden health factors affecting how workers over 50 engage with work (SHAW Project) and a separate longitudinal study on menopause and flexible work.

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