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Director of Research Degrees (Collaborative Programmes)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Head of Year 4
  • Course Coordinator (Lecturer) for Digital Marketing and Marketing in a Digital World
  • Course Coordinator for Honours Dissertations
  • Online survey champion


  • BSc Financial Economics (First Class), University of Leicester
  • MSc Marketing (Distinction), University of Leicester
  • PhD Marketing/Information Systems, University of Bath

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Research Interests

My research interest surrounds social and commercial consumer behaviour linked to the use of digital technologies, more specifically I am a social media nerd. Since 2015 I have had 23 articles accepted at well-known journals, including Journal of Advertising Research, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of Travel Research, New Technology, Work and Employment, Journal of Health Psychology (inc. 3 x AJG 4, 18 x AJG 3). This work has drawn quite a lot of media attention, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, Independent, Times, BBC, Hindu Times, China Times, Atlantic, Scotsman and of course the good old Metro, though I do dream one day I will be in Buzzfeed.

A nice surprise (more shock) was that my paper on the 'Chilling Effect' of social media became the most read paper in the world for a period in 2017. This paper was the first to evidence that being a social media user constrains our actions in reality. For example, people are less likely to let loose at parties now as they may be snapped. Also, I was honoured to be the Business School's sole nomination for the University wide prize of 'Rising Star' in 2016, though did not win :). But, in 2018 I did win a so called 'prestigious' Literati Award from Emerald - for a paper published with them as well as receiving the 2018 'Best Paper Award' in Industrial Marketing Management (3*).

At present, I am particularly interested in Instagrammability, whether social media surveillance makes people 'better' service employees, augmented reality, influencers, and the impact of viewing those slightly annoying braggy posts on social media. I would welcome PhD applications in these areas. I am pragmatic with regard to research methodology and have experience in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. However, I like experiments best especially through Qualtrics - where I am a certified research expert user.

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