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Director of Research Degrees (Principal Programmes) & Chair in Strategy & Organisation

Roles and Responsibilities

Chris is Professor of Strategy and Organization


Chris is an organization scholar with expertise in change management and strategy. In a 25-year career in British Business Schools, Chris held faculty positions at London Metropolitan University (1998-99), University of Leicester (1999-2002), University of St Andrews (2002-11), and Newcastle University (2011-13). He joined the University of Edinburgh Business School in 2013, where he is the Professor of Strategy & Organization. Chris holds a PhD in Organization Studies from Aston Business School, has a background in accounting, and is from Cornwall.

Research Interests

Chris researches identity, field-wide change, cultural/social capital and how they all fit together. He writes about broadcasting/media, occupational/professional groups, and political parties. 

He is fortunate to supervise gifted Doctoral scholars producing creative work:

  • Codebase (Grant Murray; co-supervised with Prof Martin Kornberger),
  • The Future of Audit (Martin Martinoff; co-supervised with Prof Paolo Quattrone at Manchester Business School),
  • Budgeting in the South African Treasury (Nokwazi Makanya; co-supervised with Prof James Mitchell),
  • Crisis Management (Julian Rawel; co-supervised with Prof John Amis), 
  • Street Soccer  Scotland (Christopher Klinghardt; co-supervised with Prof John Amis),
  • Change in the Pakistani public sector (Amna Chaudry; co-supervised with Prof John Amis), 
  • The Development of Financial Elites in Edinburgh (Robert Dawson Scott; co-supervised with Dr Ron Kerr), 
  • The Creation of an Institution: The case of the Scottish Parliament (Andrew Burns; co-supervised with  Dr Ron Kerr and Professor James Mitchell),
  • Institutional Decline / Building Progressive Movements: The Centre-Left in Western Europe (Martin McCluskey; co-supervised with Prof Martin Kornberger).

Works Within

Research Area