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Director of Research Degrees (Principal Programmes) & Chair in Strategy & Organisation

Roles and Responsibilities

Chris is Professor of Strategy and Organization


Chris is an organization studies scholar with expertise in change management and strategy. He joined the University of Edinburgh Business School in 2013, where he serves as the Professor of Strategy & Organization. Chris previously held faculty positions at London Metropolitan University (1998-99), University of Leicester (1999-2002), University of St Andrews (2002-11), and Newcastle University (2011-13). Chris holds a PhD in Organization Studies from Aston Business School, where he studied under Professor David Wilson. Chris has extensive experience in external engagement and corporate/Business School links.

Research Interests

Chris researches how organisations are created, how they change, and the people that run them. He has published extensively about occupational/professional groups and is currently writing about broadcasting organisations (BBC & STV) and the Labour Party.Chris works closely with Professor Andrew Brown (Bath University), Kenny Kemp, Dr John Millar (Durham University), Professor Frank Mueller (Durham University) and Professor Crawford Spence (King's College London). He is a member of the Historical Organization Studies and Interdisciplinary Accounting communities.

Chris works closely with a range of organisations, most notably STV (2014-17), and the John Smith Trust, currently. 

He is fortunate to supervise gifted Doctoral scholars producing creative work:

Changing Occupations / Elites

  • Entrepreneurs in Codebase (Grant Murray; co-supervised with Prof Martin Kornberger). Grant successfully defended his PhD on the 17th December 2021. Congratulations, Grant.
  • The Future of Auditors (Martin Martinoff; 2nd supervisor, co-supervised with Prof Paolo Quattrone at Manchester Business School).
  • The Development of Financial Elites in Edinburgh (Robert Dawson Scott; co-supervised with Dr Ron Kerr).

Organizations and Politics

  • Budgeting in the South African Treasury (Nokwazi Makanya; 2nd supervisor, co-supervised with Prof James Mitchell),
  • The Creation of an Institution: The case of the Scottish Parliament (Andrew Burns; co-supervised with  Dr Ron Kerr and Professor James Mitchell),
  • Institutional Decline / Building Progressive Movements: The Centre-Left in Western Europe (Martin McCluskey; co-supervised with Prof Martin Kornberger).

Grand Challenges

  • Crisis Management (Julian Rawel; co-supervised with Prof John Amis), 
  • Street Soccer Scotland (Christopher Klinghardt; 2nd supervisor, co-supervised with Prof John Amis)
  • Migration Crisis (Amna Chaudry; 2nd supervisor, co-supervised with Prof John Amis)

Works Within

Research Area