Copil Yáñez Headshot

Executive Relationship Manager

+44 (0)131 651 5972

Roles and Responsibilities

Copil is the MBA Relationship Manager and joined the Business School in 2014 to help encourage and support MBA applicants.

He is responsible for developing and delivering an “applicant journey” that supports an applicant’s need for timely and factual information about our programmes and how they can help graduates take on the leadership roles required by businesses and organisations. He also supports consulting projects and professional development for each cohort.


Copil spent over two decades in the filmed entertainment industry. Most recently he was Manager of Operations and Attendee Services with the Independent Film and Television Association where he negotiated hotel contracts, managed attendee services, and oversaw conferences and events. While there, Copil managed massive yearly attendee growth and was part of a team that helped build the AFM into the largest motion picture market in the world.

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