Ferran Vendrell-Herrero Headshot

Senior Lecturer in International Management

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Research Champion, Strategy Group
  • Course organiser:
    • International Business: Globalization and Trade (undergraduate)
    • International Business and the Multinational Enterprise (undergraduate)


Ferran is an Associate Professor in International Management, bringing valuable expertise and a strong academic background to our university. With nine years of experience at the University of Birmingham (2013-2022) and visiting scholar positions at Politecnico di Milano (2009) in Italy and ESADE business school (2020) in Spain, Ferran has established himself as a respected academic.

Ferran's research focuses on the fields of innovation, strategy, and international business. His work aims to understand the complexities of innovation, digitization, and internationalization in both small and large organizations within the manufacturing and creative industries. He has developed an expertise in servitization, industry 4.0, learning, exporting and subsidiary management. He has published in reputable world-leading journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, and Journal of Product Innovation Management. Furthermore, his research has appeared extensively in internationally recognized journals, with over 25 publications to his credit. His research has influenced private companies' thinking and actions, as demonstrated by a REF-2021 impact case with BBC.

In addition to his research, Ferran plays an active role in the academic community dedicated to studying service implementation in manufacturing companies. He serves as the scientific director of the International Conference on Business Servitization and has co-edited special issues in journals like the International Journal of Production Economics, Regional Studies, and Technovation. Moreover, as Research Champion (equivalent to the director of research) for the Strategy group, he is in charge of organizing the business school's flagship seminar series.

Ferran's teaching credentials are equally strong, earning him the recognition of HEA Fellow in 2016. He has extensive experience teaching at various educational levels and has been appointed as an external examiner for the Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Ferran's expertise, research contributions, and commitment to education make him a valuable asset to our university community.

Research Interests

Ferran's primary research interests revolve around technological innovation, the servitization of manufacturing, the digital transformation of businesses, and the relationship between exporting and productivity. His research has been published in renowned academic journals of global recognition. With a strong focus on industry, Ferran's research takes a quantitative and positivist approach, employing techniques such as panel data analysis, propensity score matching, and discrete choice models. He has actively participated in internationally funded projects, further enhancing the impact of his research. Notably, his work has influenced the thinking and actions of private companies, as evidenced by a REF-2021 impact case involving the BBC.

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