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Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Dr Fumi Kitagawa has PhD in Urban and Regional Studies. Fumi’s research has centred on how public science generates impact on economy and society; in particular, the role of higher education institutions in the regional development and innovation processes. Fumi has published extensively on S&T and Innovation policy, governance of regional and local economic development, scientific entrepreneurship, and university-industry relationships, covering the UK, Sweden, and East Asia. Most recently, she has completed a study on the impact of industry-based doctoral training in the UK, building research on innovation, skills and competences across organisational boundaries.

Prior to joining University of Edinburgh Business School, Fumi worked as Lecturer in Enterprise studies at Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester. She held a post-doctoral position at European University Institute in Italy; Assistant professor at CIRCLE (Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy) at Lund University in Sweden. Fumi has had international policy relevant experiences including the OECD project studying regional contribution of higher education in South Korea and Canada; and a policy research officer job working at a Japanese government research institute.

Research Interests

  • S&T and Innovation policy,  scientific entrepreneurship, and university-industry relationships
  • Higher Education Policy and Management, in particular, strategic management of the Third Mission
  • Governance of regional and local economic development, regional innovation systems, entrepreneurial ecosystems, SMEs
  • Dynamics of Education, Training and Skills as part of Innovation Systems
  • Doctoral training - leadership, governance and impacts

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