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Lecturer in Marketing

Roles and Responsibilities

Course Organiser of UG International Marketing, PG International Marketing Strategy 

Personal Tutor

UG & PG Dissertation advisor


I was appointed as a lecturer in Marketing at the Business School in 2020. Prior to this I was a faculty member at Northeastern University in Boston (USA), preceded by an appointment as lecturer at the University of Stirling in 2007. I was awarded a PhD in 2008 examining consumer decision behaviour in the context of smoking cessation.

Research Interests

Dr. Jennifer Yule is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in mixed methods. Her research interests focus on the mediating roles of trust, expertise and individual differences applied to consumer decision behaviour, especially in health care contexts. One current major project on the ‘intelligent operating room’ explores patients’ perspectives on the collection, use, and donation of artificial intelligence data gathered during surgery.

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