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Senior Lecturer in Organisation and Management Control

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Roles and Responsibilities

Recently, Marian was a visiting professor at the University of Southern California's Price School of Public Policy and an associate (visiting) at the University of Cambridge's Judge Business School.

Marian is also a member of the Edinburgh Futures Institute and a co-director of the Centre for Culture, Accounting and Society (CAS).


Dr Marian Gatzweiler is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Marian's research focuses on the role of quantification and metrics as tools that actively shape organizing processes, institutions, and policy in response to grand societal challenges. Rather than examining metrics as merely proving evidence for managers and policymakers, his research places numbers and visualizations in the foreground to understand how knowledge, innovations, and accountability are practiced in such settings. His fieldwork includes research on management practices in large-scale humanitarian crises and megaprojects. Interdisciplinary in nature, Marian’s research draws from organization theory, science and technology studies, and economic sociology and ultimately seeks to develop actionable insights to inform contemporary management and policy challenges. 

Marian's research has been published in academic journals such as Organization Studies, Accounting, Organizations and Society, and Research in the Sociology of Organizations. He is also currently a guest-editor for a special issue on the topic of "Collective Action in Crisis?" for Organization Studies. Marian has been invited to present research seminars at the Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Oxford, Warwick, the London School of Economics, and the University of Southern California. His research has also been featured in media publications such as the Stanford Social Innovation Review and The Conversation.

Marian teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He currently supervises two PhD students. In addition, he has designed and delivered executive education courses for senior civil servants in the area of strategy execution, performance management and financial management. Beyond academia, Marian engages with and consults for several organizations from the public and private sectors.

Research Interests

  • Information system design and collaboration in high-performance settings
  • Organization theory
  • Institutional theory
  • Sociology of valuation and evaluation
  • Social innovation 
  • Economic sociology
  • Humanitarian crises

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