Roles and Responsibilities

Appointed as a Teaching Assistant for the following modules in AY19/20:

  • Business Research Methods: Intro to Data Analytics (Stats) (S1 Autumn)
  • Programming for Business Applications (UG cohort) (Python) (S1 Autumn)
  • Python Programming (PG cohort) (S1 Autumn)
  • Economics of Corporate Strategy (S2/Spring)

Python courses' summary: "The course will provide you with the basics of programming for business applications which will render you capable of solid algorithmic thinking, building your own programs, and of understanding and critically reflecting on the technical aspects of quantitative business problems. It requires no background knowledge and is specifically tailored to the novice's needs. Anyone with an interest in technology will greatly benefit from following this course."


Final-year PhD student in Molecular and Clinical Medicine (Health Economics; Medical Informatics; Data Science) - The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh)

MSc in Data Science for Business - University of Stirling (Stirling)

BSc in Molecular Bionics Engineering - Pazmany Peter Catholic University - Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics (Budapest)

In addition:

  • Multiple years of research experience in Neuroscience and Molecular Biophysics (Budapest)