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Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Roles and Responsibilities

Programme Lead, MA (Hons) Business with Enterprise and Innovation


I am Dr Samuel Mwaura, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the University of Edinburgh Business School and National Co-Lead of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Scotland). My main research focus is on the links between entrepreneurship, individual and household wellbeing, and the wider socio-economic context. Some of my past research has been in the areas of entrepreneurial ecosystems; national entrepreneurial participation rates especially amongst ethnic minorities, women, and in the regions; entrepreneurial finance; innovation and its impact on productivity; the link between entrepreneurship and household wellbeing (including household wealth); and entrepreneurship and firm performance in developing country contexts. 

I am also very passionate about knowledge exchange and societal impact from my research. Besides contributing to the academic discourse through international conferences and publications, my research has been disseminated to various external groups including enterprise practitioners, policy-makers and the general public in the UK and beyond through consultancy reports, practioner talks and workshops, policy hackathons, mass media and social media.

Methodologically, I employ both quantitative and qualitative approaches. I have used large datasets (large population surveys, etc.) as well as designed and conducted smaller custom surveys (e.g. expert surveys). Analytically, I use various multi-variate regression techniques, typically using STATA, and have previously also done some descriptive GIS mapping work. I also have experience carrying out and analysing in-depth interviews and other qualitative research.

My research has generally been multi-disciplinary, collaborative (including with policymakers), and geared towards generating practical implications and impact on business practice and public policy. I have interacted productively with academic colleagues from other disciplines as well as with policy-makers and the business community, leading to informed changes in policy (e.g. regional development policy) and business strategy and practice. In addition, participation in a variety of public engagement events has allowed me to gain expertise in adaptable knowledge dissemination techniques, including radio and TV interviews.

I am interested in supervising PhD projects in topics that have overlaps with my research interests below. Applicants should preferably have a strong academic record to master's level and should also generally have a curiosity for research and looking to build a career in research following their doctorate.

Research Interests

  • Diversity (ethnicity, gender, intersectionality) in entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and regional enterprise
  • Enterprise policy
  • Economics of innovation
  • Firm performance and growth
  • Entrepreneurship and household economic wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries

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