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Lecturer in Marketing

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Postgraduate Research Representative (Marketing Group)
  • PhD Dissertation Co-Supervisor (Jennifer McArthur and Amira Rahmat).
  • Course Leader on 'Theories and Techniques of Persuasion' (Semester 1, Undergraduate Honours)
  • Course Leader on 'Marketing Applications' (Semester 2, Postgraduate)
  • Lecturer and Tutor on 'Global Challenges for Business' (Semester 1, Freshman)
  • Lecturer and Tutor on 'Business in Edinburgh' (Semester 2, Freshman)
  • Msc Dissertation Supervisor (Numbers TBC)
  • Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor (8 Students)
  • Freshman Personal Tutor 


I joined the University of Edinburgh in September 2017 after having spent over a decade at the University of Leicester. I'd previously held a Resident Scholar appointment at Copenhagen Business School throughout 2015, where I continue to hold a Visiting Scholar position, as well as an Honorary Senior Lecturer Position at St Andrews University, until January 2017. I've published work on Social Theory, Consumer Research and Business Ethics and so Google devotes this part of the internet to my work: fair play to them. I'll be spending the next few years writing about Habit, Rhetoric and their relationship. Aristotle probably said all of what I'm going to end up saying about these matters already. I very much doubt he said it in a North Dublin accent, however. I have co-supervised five doctoral projects to completion: 

Kristina Auxtova - Shocking, Offensive and Controversial Receptions of UK Public and Non-Profit Advertising Campaigns: A Multi-stakeholder, Regulatory and Rhetorical Analysis (examined June 2019) 

Marco Checchi – The primacy of resistance. Conceptual explorations between historical closures and contemporary openings (examined February 2017).

Nicholas Beuret – Organising against the end of the world: the praxis of ecological catastrophe (examined April 2016).

Thomas Swann – Anarchist Cybernetics: Control and Communication in Radical Left Social Movements (examined January 2016).

Charles Barthold – Resisting Financialisation with Deleuze and Guattari (examined April 2015).

I'm interested in hearing from potential doctoral candidates who share some of my research interests.

Research Interests

I am currently researching and writing about the 4 Day Working Week, Inequality, Habituation, Rhetoric, and Busynesslessness. 

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