Youn Park Headshot

Teaching Assistant


Youn is a doctoral researcher and teaching assistant in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Her research concerns entrepreneurship with a focus on emerging technology. She is currently working on the behaviour of early entrants in the Virtual Reality (VR) computer gaming market, under the supervision of Prof. Francis Greene. This research starts with identifying the patterns of entry, innovation and market performance in the early-stage of VR computer gaming market. Building on these patterns, it attempts to gain deeper understanding of entrepreneurs’ behaviour in the market created by a new technology. A variety of data are collected and analysed, including an industry transaction website - Steam - and in-depth interviews with VR computer game developers.

Youn previously was a Research Fellow at the Korea Small Business Institute in South Korea. She was involved in various research projects in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business fields including high-growth firms in the online gaming sector. Youn also held a visiting position in the Centre for Institutional Performance at Reading University, UK. Her academic writings have been published in peer-reviewed journals in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation fields, including Small Business Economics and Industry and Innovation.

Youn holds a MSc and a PhD in Public Policy at the Korea Development Institute of Public Policy and Management, South Korea.