Our undergraduate student projects offer an exciting opportunity to get involved with the world of practice. You will be able to work closely with businesses and gain an insight to what could be your next career path.


During the fourth year of your Business undergraduate degree you may wish to register for a consultancy project.

This project-based course provides an opportunity to apply, in an integrated fashion, the knowledge and skills acquired elsewhere in your degree programme, in the context of a company or business. You will be working on a 'real' project, with four or five final year undergraduate students specialising in entrepreneurship or management, and will be delivering tailored research and consultancy for a client.

Why Get Involved?

  • It is an opportunity to work on a 'real' project defined by the company's business needs, which will challenge and increase your motivation.
  • Your experience could provide essential networking opportunities which will help you as a future graduate looking to embark on a career path.
  • By working closely with a client you will acquire an understanding of a working environment while learning practical skills and abilities outside of the classroom.

Case Study

In March 2017, four Business School undergraduates travelled to Edmonton, Canada to compete in the Alberta Not for Profit Case Competition (ANPA), one of the few case competitions in which students pitch solutions for charities and social enterprises.

The case team was assembled by the Business School following a competitive selection process conducted at the start of the academic year. Weekly trainings and business case study practice followed, as was a trip to Dublin to allow the team to take part in case study workshops with other international universities.

In ANPA, the team worked with the YMCA Northern Alberta to address low membership retention rates and carve out a way for the YMCA's health centres to compete with low cost private gyms. With 24 hours and many pizzas, the team worked to suggest new operating models and marketing campaigns that were presented to representatives of the YMCA the next day.

Participating in ANPA afforded the chance to experience Edmonton, Alberta, but also Vancouver on Canada's Pacific coast where the team took a break for a few days after the competition. Working on practice cases throughout the year and competing in Canada meant they had experience of formulating commercially viable recommendations for a vast range of businesses and presenting these to a professional standard, a hugely valuable take away from the process.

Carolina Toczycka, MA Business Management
Galman Dewan, MA International Business
Jack Croxford, MA Business Management
Mikkel Sandboe, MA Business Studies

This course really does pull all the skills you’ve gathered over the year and make you use them in a real world, real life scenarios, in a way you can actually make a difference.
Guy Peleg
MA Law and Business Studies
I would definitely recommend this course to the students, it has a completely different approach to the other courses; you have a lot of flexibility to decide on how to approach the project.
Stefan Ross
MA Business Management

Applying for Student Consultancy

You will be informed about student consultancy project during your honours years as an undergraduate student. However, should you have any questions, please contact the Business School Undergraduate Office.