Business in the Arts is an eight-week programme that combines academic study with an opportunity to work in an Edinburgh Festival production company or venue. It provides a unique opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience in the arts and culture sector.

The BITA programme

The academic programme includes marketing, finance and accounting, operations management, entrepreneurship and human resource management delivered by academics at the Business School.

This is supplemented by sessions from key figures drawn from the arts industry.

The academic programme is designed to be both 'self-contained' for participants who do not wish to study the subject further and to prepare students who wish to take additional related modules on return to their respective institutions.


In addition to the academic programme there will be an internship component where students will carry out a work placement with an art sector employer, where they will be able to learn practical aspects of arts management within one or more organisational departments such as press, marketing or production.

Further information on this programme is available on
The University of Edinburgh Summer School website