Over 100 years ago our first business graduate Margaret Stevenson Miller walked through our doors. Her unique story shares the same spirit, determination, and business impact of those that followed her. Read their stories below.

Change the System, Not Yourself

Great business isn't about following suit—it's about paving the way.

Geraldine's Story
A Brand on a Mission

"Don't just build a brand. Start a movement."

Asanka's Story

Patience and Understanding

Joseph McElmeel, CEO, SymbaSync Ltd

Learn more practical application skills that fit your career destiny.

Alumni 100 Read Joseph’s Story

Be Curious and Connect

Jon Crouch, Director of Technology and Change, RBS International

The time we have to make a difference is so short–choose one challenge and fix it!

Alumni 100 Read Jon’s Story

Constant Learning

John Mathers, Chairman, British Design Fund

The journey starts here, and you never stop acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Alumni 100 Read John’s Story

Create Value With Your Ideas

Jean-Claude Cournand, Managing Director, 2 Cents Movement

Education is not about preparation for a distant horizon.

Alumni 100 Read Jean-Claude’s Story

Effective Teamwork

Jane Oliver, CEO, Creative Career Coaching

The network of past students is amazing, especially those who were in my year.

Alumni 100 Read Jane’s Story