Over 100 years ago our first business graduate Margaret Stevenson Miller walked through our doors. Her unique story shares the same spirit, determination, and business impact of those that followed her. Read their stories below.

Change the System, Not Yourself

Great business isn't about following suit—it's about paving the way.

Geraldine's Story
A Brand on a Mission

"Don't just build a brand. Start a movement."

Asanka's Story

Remaining agile in the face of a pandemic

Gillian Purdie, Sales and Marketing Manager, Glenapp Castle Hotel, Ayrshire

We’ve often been described as a mini 'Downton Abbey' and we love it!

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Back to the business of events

Roddy Deans, Founder and Owner, Reel Time Events

I definitely have high hopes for a brighter year ahead.

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Re-engineering a New Start

Filippo Menolascina, Chief Financial Officer, GenCirq Inc

Understand what motivates people to create solutions together.

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Opportunities through International Experience

Georgios Tziampazis, Financial Controller, WSAudiology

Opportunities tend to create other opportunities and eventually you will reach your goal.

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Be the Driver of Change

Mohammed Saad Fayyaz, Project Manager, Mercer

The MBA encouraged us to view the same issue from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives. I still use that methodology today.

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