Over 100 years ago our first business graduate Margaret Stevenson Miller walked through our doors. Her unique story shares the same spirit, determination, and business impact of those that followed her. Read their stories below.

Change the System, Not Yourself

Great business isn't about following suit—it's about paving the way.

Geraldine's Story
A Brand on a Mission

"Don't just build a brand. Start a movement."

Asanka's Story

Taking a Holistic Approach

Dedi Kusuma Wijaya, Operational Director, Jakarta Provincial Government - Governor's Delivery Unit

It pushed me outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to independently navigate my personal and professional development.

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Supporting Small Business in Paraguay

Manuel Bilbao Vera, Chief of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Paraguay

I am looking forward to working with the Business School to help promote them across the country.

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Completing the Cycle

Mariana Vallejo Ramirez, Assistant Business Development Executive, IDA Ireland

I was delighted to organise [the] visit for the students as I felt I was completing the cycle.

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Moving up the Career Ladder

Anton Lutsenko, Regional Manager, Toyota Material Handling

A degree from the University of Edinburgh Business School opens a lot of doors for young professionals.

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Negotiating a Career Change

Tom Hutcheson, Owner, Exfacie Negotiation Consultants

Although I defined myself as a lawyer, my core skills were actually more to do with communication, problem solving, influencing and leadership.

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