The challenge of responding and adapting to climate change will drive trillions of dollars of new investment over the coming decades, with major changes required across the economy, in energy production and consumption, industry, buildings, transport, infrastructure, forests and agriculture. Delivering this investment will require greatly enhanced capacity in all aspects of carbon finance.

A recent survey of international organisational leaders found that there is a severe current and projected future shortage of qualified carbon specialists in every major economy. New roles are emerging in banking, asset management, entrepreneurship, accountancy, consulting and regulation.

This programme is the world's first MSc in Carbon Finance, dedicated to professionals in the field of low carbon finance and investment, focussed on the business opportunities and financial flows driven by society's response to climate change.

The MSc in Carbon Finance is fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, and therefore welcomes applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, typically including a first degree in business, economics, engineering or another social or physical science discipline. Typically students may have some work experience and will be wanting to move into a new career in carbon finance.

The University of Edinburgh Business School hosts the Centre for Business and Climate Change, a leading international centre for business and climate change education, research and public engagement.