Good management is central to business success. Without it, there can be no cohesion, no teamwork, no real sense of direction. This programme is designed therefore to provide an insight into the theories and practical skills needed for successful management and, through that, a successful business.

It is especially beneficial for those with non-business backgrounds, perhaps in engineering, sciences, social sciences or the arts. It can be as equally effective for those yet to begin their career as those looking to make significant progress in one already begun. Blending classic management techniques with the very latest in management thinking, the MSc in Management encompasses international issues and diverse national business characteristics and settings.

The MSc in Management programme recently achieved professional recognition from the Institute of Administrative Management. All graduates of the MSc in Management programme can apply for direct entry to full professional membership status without the need to pass the professional examinations of the Institute. Membership is by application only and members will be entitled to use the post-nominal letters of MInstAM.

The programme is geared to providing an integrative understanding and a flexible approach to important management tasks. This will enable students to acquire expertise and skills related to their interests and their intended career path.