Our online MBA is designed to prepare business managers for the new global challenges ahead, by focusing on new ways of thinking and developing your personal and leadership capabilities.

Successful businesses in the future will be those which can confidently steer a path through a world characterised by competition, rapid technological development, and economic turbulence.

Businesses need leaders who can:

  • seize opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and new business models
  • manage the risks and challenges involved
  • think and act strategically in this volatile environment
  • act responsibly in delivering value to all stakeholders

New ways of thinking and acting

We will deepen your understanding in:

  • how businesses and markets work
  • how value is created through innovation and marketing
  • how strategies are crafted
  • how value is delivered efficiently and effectively
  • how businesses are financed
  • how performance is measured
  • how organisations should be governed, managed, and led through change

We will develop your ability to think strategically and beyond disciplinary silos by:

  • instilling a passion for business improvement, innovation, and entrepreneurial action that will allow you to lead in growing or creating new business opportunities
  • applying skill training and professional development in order to help you understand your leadership strengths and weaknesses and provide support for your improvement