100 years ago our first business graduate Margaret Stevenson Miller walked through our doors. Her unique story shares the same spirit, determination, and business impact of those that followed her. Read their stories below.

Change the System, Not Yourself

Great business isn't about following suit—it's about paving the way.

Geraldine's Story
A Brand on a Mission

"Don't just build a brand. Start a movement."

Asanka's Story

The Importance of Quality Education

Natasha Ashley, Senior Partnerships Coordinator, Theirworld

I'm immensely grateful to the University of Edinburgh Business School for widening and deepening my world view and expanding my horizons as a global citizen.

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Engineering a Career Shift to Reveal Layers of Talent

Helene Claire, Managing Director, BleuFuture Institute

It's about 360 degree management. I take full responsibility.

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A Curious Mind, A Passion for Youth

Adaora Oragudosi, Freelance Business Analyst

Young people have amazing ideas on everything from agriculture and tech to health and fashion, so I'm excited to help those ideas fly.

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Business with a Human Connection

Cavid Nadirov, Co-founder, Get Guided

The human connection is just as important.

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Not For Profit. For Impact.

Penelope Blackwell, Fundraising Director, Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF)

My 'bonus' is positive change.

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Renewable Ambition

Charles Hendry, Commissioner for the UK Pavilion

Count the number of dreams you have and compare them with the number of achievements you have had. If you have more dreams than achievements, then you are still young.

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Listen. Empower. Lead.

Birna Einarsdóttir, CEO at Íslandsbanki

Fight for your beliefs. Empower others. Become a leader.

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Always Do Business With Heart

Lilian JS Lee, Social Entrepreneur

Don't just follow the advice of others—listen to yourself. And do business with heart.

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The Bottom Line? Helping People

Ian Walker, Corporate Citizenship Director for Africa at Johnson & Johnson

Most business leaders think about profit as the bottom line. Ian thinks about this, but also the positive impact his work has on people's lives.

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The Power of Friends and Family

Stephen White, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer at Yorkshire Building Society

Strong connections can educate and empower you. Take inspiration from those around you in both life and business—your friends and family could be the ones helping to shape your future.

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Disruption is Progress

Margaret Stevenson Miller, Influential campaigner for gender equality in the workplace

Fight for your convictions, and great things will come.

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How Leaders Are Made

Eve Poole, Third Church Estates Commissioner at Church of England

Leadership is attainable for everyone.

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An Entrepreneurial State of Mind

George Mackintosh, Visionary at Papple Steading, Business School Associate

Entrepreneurialism is a mindset. So, if you don't have 'the' idea yet—don't worry. It will come.

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