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Research Topic

Managing the Aftermath of Psychological Contract: The Role of Organisational Responsiveness in Employees’ Violation Resolution

Research Summary

While the immediate consequences of psychological contract breach have been largely researched in the recent decade, how victims can recover from those negative influences have not been adequately developed.

My research aims to investigate whether organisational responsiveness can facilitate employees to resolve the violation feelings and what might be the moderators of the relationship between organisational responsiveness and violation resolution.


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Zhiyuan received his bachelor degree (1st class honour) in 2020 from the University of Southampton where he studied Business & Management. After receiving his Master degree (Distinction) in 2021 from the University of Edinburgh on Human Resource Management, he decided to pursue a PhD in Management in the Organisation Studies Group.

As a first-year PhD student, although he might not be as knowledgeable and skilled as other PhD students who already have work and publication experience, he will intently develop the relevant skills and knowledge during his PhD journey. Zhiyuan enjoys reading, writing, supporting, and challenging the theories or assumptions made by other authors as they provide him with a sense of achievement, a sense of actualisation and ultimately intrinsic motivation.

Education and Qualifications

Institute Award Dates
University of Edinburgh Degree of Master of Science (Distinction) 2020–2021
University of Southampton Degree of Bachelor of Science (First Class Honour) 2017–2020