11 February 2021

If you have been offered a place on a postgraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh Business School, here are 7 steps that you will need to complete to secure your place.
Steps to securing your offer at the Business School - students outside the School on George Square

First of all, congratulations on receiving your offer to study at the University of Edinburgh! Preparing for the experience you are about to embark on is an exciting time and we look forward to supporting you to achieve your very best here in Edinburgh. The information in this post will guide you through the offer holder process and help you to begin to prepare for your arrival in September.

1. Accept Your Offer

The first thing to do is accept or decline your offer by the deadline stated on your offer letter. Normally, you will have 28 days from the date of the original offer to accept and pay your deposit. However, as September and the start of the academic year approaches, we may ask you to decide within a shorter period as we finalise arrangements for your programme.

Conditional Offer

You can accept your offer even if it is conditional. Remember to provide the relevant documents once you have received them, to show that you have met your conditions. You will then receive an unconditional offer that you must also accept if you wish to secure your place at the School.

2. Pay Your Deposit

To secure your place, whether conditional or unconditional, you will be asked to pay a deposit within 28 days of receiving your offer. If your deposit is not received within this time frame, your offer will be withdrawn.

The deposit is offset against your tuition fee and is normally non-refundable. You can find out more information about our refund policy in the Deposit Policy Guidelines.

The deposit may be waived if you can provide evidence of a scholarship covering full tuition fees awarded by a recognised body. If you hold a partial scholarship, you will be required to pay a deposit.

3. Pre-sessional English

There are a range of academic English courses available for students who wish to improve their English prior to starting a programme, or to meet entry requirements.

If you need to take an English language test to meet a condition, this should be done by the beginning of August to allow time for us to receive and verify your results. (This does not apply to students who will be meeting their English condition by enrolling on one of our pre-sessional courses).

More information is available on the University of Edinburgh English Language Education website.

4. Apply for a UK Visa

If you are a non-UK national and your main reason for coming to the UK is to study a full-time programme for more than six months, you will need to apply for a Student Route visa.

After you have received and accepted your unconditional offer, the University will issue you with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which you will require for your visa application.

Please note that it is not possible to make a successful visa application more than:

  • six months before the start of your programme (if you are outside the UK)
  • three months before the start of your programme (if you are inside the UK)

This means that if you request a CAS for use in a Student route visa application, you should expect to receive further details about this no more than six/three months before your arrival in Edinburgh.

You should aim to meet your conditions and accept your unconditional offer by the middle of August at the latest, to allow enough time to obtain your visa so that you can join us for Welcome Week.

It is important that you understand the procedure for applying for a Student Route visa and allow yourself enough time to complete process. The Student Immigration Service at the University can help with any questions you may have.

5. Start Thinking About Where You Will Live

Choosing the right accommodation can be confusing, particularly if you have never visited Edinburgh before. Your main options include University accommodation, private student accommodation, or finding a private flat to rent.

The first thing to do is decide your budget and narrow down where you want to live. The Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) has an interactive map of Edinburgh that can be a useful tool for getting to know the area around the School.

6. Speak to One of Our Students

If you have questions about the student experience that one of our students can help with, don’t forget to log on to the Unibuddy platform where our student ambassadors are waiting to help you with your queries. Our Ambassadors are also doing regular takeovers on Instagram, where they will be answering questions on different topics, including accommodation, life during the pandemic, programmes, and more.

7. Pay Your Fees

Your tuition fees are paid when you enrol in September. If it is more convenient for you to pay your fee earlier than this, this can be arranged. Information about fees and other programme costs you may need to consider can be found for each programme of the Business School website.

If you have any questions about the offer holder process, please get in touch with our Admissions Team—we are here to help.