The University of Edinburgh Business School organises Student Treks each year to give postgraduates the chance to interact with professionals from relevant industries. This year, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation students embarked on a three-day visit to London. Pik Tze Hong dives into the highlights of her educational trip.
MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Students pictured in London on their Student Trek

Day 1: Embracing History at Q5 Consulting

Our first stop led us to Q5 Consulting, an office once used by former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher! Stepping foot in such a historic space was an awe-inspiring experience, reminding us of the remarkable heritage that London holds. Q5 Consulting generously shared insights into the consulting industry, emphasising the value of key skills like financial modelling which are highly sought after. They spoke about the advantages of working in smaller consulting firms, where you can work closely with more than one client at a time meaning ample opportunities for professional exposure. We were also given invaluable advice on crafting a compelling cover letter that articulates three crucial points:

  • Why are you right for the job?
  • Why did you choose this field of work?
  • Why do you want to work for the organisation?

Day 2: Empowering Entrepreneurship and Global Networking

Day two kicked off with an inspiring session led by Mark Rushmore, Co-Founder of Sustainable Rituals or SURI for short. Mark shared his entrepreneurial journey and motivated us to minimize downsides and maximize upsides. His words echoed the importance of seizing opportunities and taking action in the present moment, reminding us that there is no time like now to embark on our own entrepreneurial ventures.

Next, we had the privilege of hearing from Prajwal Nirwan, Founder and Director of ClimeFort, who encouraged us to network globally. He reminded us that our next best business partner could be found in an unexpected place and so, urged us to nurture connections and explore the diverse opportunities that come our way.

The day continued with Tracy McFall Austin, Senior Implementation Specialist at Grail. Tracy provided intriguing insights into the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and healthcare. She encouraged us to foster curiosity and maintain a thirst for knowledge, recognizing that continuous learning is essential for personal and professional growth.

The evening concluded with a captivating panel discussion featuring esteemed Business School alumni who shared advice on balancing dissertation work with job searching and offered tips and motivation for our future endeavors.

Day 3: Unveiling the Secrets of Success at Dell Technologies

Our final day took us to the Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Center where we had the honor of meeting Steve Young, Senior Vice President & GM of Dell Technologies UK, and his team. Steve imparted two key takeaways to guide us on our professional journey. First, he emphasised the importance of working on our personal brand. He explained that regularly seeking feedback from peers and customers would allow us to shape our brand image and understand how we are perceived. After all, branding is what people say about us when we're not in the room. Second, he urged us not to fear lateral movement in our careers. Sometimes, forsaking a promotion for the opportunity to explore a different role can enhance our brand and build the networks necessary to achieve our desired positions. This insightful visit left us empowered and equipped with valuable advice to navigate the dynamic landscape of the professional world.

My Student Trek Experience

Our programme visit to London holds significant importance to me because with the year passing by so quickly, I realised that I hadn't truly connected with all my course mates. This three-day experience offered a precious window of time for me to get to know my fellow peers before our programme comes to an end. Building friendship like this will allow us to create a lasting support network with one another as we navigate our future careers. My Student Trek has been a worthwhile opportunity that goes beyond professional development, it has enriched my personal journey In Edinburgh and created lasting memories with the amazing individuals I have had the privilege to meet.

Pik Tze Hong is an MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation student (2022-23).