Business School alumni all over the world are working to help companies access emerging markets. Here, three alumni from the MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets share their experiences.

Shaun Adam

Shaun Adam

Graduation Year: 2016

Role: Project Manager, National Innovation Agency, Malaysia

As an emerging market, Malaysia has moved from a low to middle income economy through rapid industrialisation by leveraging country-specific advantages like access to low-cost labour and resources. However, in my role to achieve the National Innovation Agency’s aim of making Malaysia a high-income country, we need to innovate further and help home-grown companies expand into other emerging and developed markets.

Being a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc helps the country promote economic cooperation with the nine other member nations, giving Malaysian companies access to around 630 million potential consumers and collectively, the seventh largest economy in the world. Cooperation between emerging economies could help close the gap with developed nations further.

Lienda Kavindele

Graduation Year: 2015

Role: Impact Analyst, LeapFrog Investments, Zambia

Explosive development in emerging markets has impacted the dynamic of global markets. The rise of digital technology, budding entrepreneurs building innovative businesses and surges in population growth are disrupting the status quo. By 2025, emerging consumers’ spending power will be $30 trillion. Digital finance could boost annual GDP of all emerging economies by $3.7 trillion. We invest in exceptional businesses in Africa and Asia, providing the capital and expertise for leaps of growth. Our portfolio of companies now reaches 140 million people across 33 countries. Emerging markets have amazing opportunities that often aren’t available in more developed countries and I believe we’ll continue to see strong future growth.

Pitasari Devi Soetardjo

Graduation Year: 2017

Role: Merchant Development Executive (APAC Region), Skimlinks, Indonesia

The significance of big data analytics tools has continued to grow among online retailers, particularly in SE Asia where e-commerce is booming. It’s my role with Skimlinks – a world-leader in content-to-commerce monetisation platform and internet shopping predictive data analytics – to explore deals and partnerships within the region. Doing business in SE Asia is very different than in Western countries, so having local partners and team members is the key to finding success.

Local representation and knowledge can help international brands tackle the complexity of cultural differences, build a trusting relationship with local partners, and eventually speed up the international expansion into or between emerging markets.

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