The annual tuition fees for Business School postgraduate research programmes are shown below. Please note that programme fees may change each year.

Programme Fees 2019/20

Home/EU (UK or European Union) £4,327
Overseas/International £19,000
PhD Part-time*
Home/EU (UK or European Union) £2,164
MSc by Research
Home/EU (UK or European Union) £8,300
Overseas/International £21,600

* The Part-time PhD is not available to overseas students.

The amount you pay is dependent on your fee status. For further information please refer to the University Registry.

Additional Programme Costs

When budgeting for your PhD you will need to consider not only the fees applicable to the programme but also the following potential additional costs:

Stationary and Other Relevant Materials

To cover stationery, photocopying, printing, telephone and inter-library loans:

  • Estimated £200 for Full-time students
  • Estimated £100 for Part-time students

Miscellaneous Funding Requests

For additional support for items and/or services required in order to undertake research and complete thesis.

Conference Expenses

Students are encouraged to participate in relevant academic conferences. Expenses can vary very widely depending on size, history and location of any given conference. Students can apply for some partial funding from the University.

Academic Memberships

The PhD programme covers the cost (up to a maximum of £75) of one year’s membership of a relevant academic organisation. This is intended to enhance the socialisation of students into an academic environment, develop their networks and expose them to new opportunities. Beyond the first year, students will be expected to cover this cost personally if they wish to continue their membership.

Student Administration Fees

If students take 4 or more years to complete their studies then there will be additional administration fees.

We would however advise you to speak to someone in the PhD office to understand what administration fees you are liable for, as it will depend on a number of factors.

Living Expenses

The University provides information on estimated living expenses.