An introduction to the Business School's Organisation Studies research group, including a list of academic staff members, group research, and research centres.

Research in Organisation Studies

Ishbel McWha-Hermann discusses her research interests in the area of justice, diversity and reward in international work contexts.

Organisation Studies, as an area of teaching and research, draws together many specific disciplines and schools of thought. The membership of the group reflects that interdisciplinarity.

Research within the group provides insight into major challenges in human resources and public policy in the fields of leadership, governance, and diversity. Group members are at the forefront of developments in their specialised fields, and through their research they seek to make a demonstrable impact on policy and practice.

The group prioritises a high level of engagement with a multiplicity of stakeholders (employees, managers, trade unions, policy makers, professionals, government), and encourages research that is inter-sectoral.

Much of the group's research can be categorised according to four key themes:

Diversity and wellbeing at work

Areas considered within this theme include age, gender, discourses of diversity, employee well-being, diversity, and career development.

Managing performance at work

Areas include team working, leadership and coaching, performance appraisal and management, and organisational performance.

Corporate governance, responsibility and sustainability

Areas include executive remuneration, responsibility and sustainability, and executive moral agency.

International human resource management

Areas include international careers, expatriates, psychological contracts, and power and legitimacy in MNCs.

Research projects

Details of past and present research projects involving organisation studies are detailed on the Edinburgh Research Explorer, an online hub for research publications.