29 August 2013

Professor Brad Mackay from the Business School has been appointed by the Economic and Social Research Centre (ESRC) to undertake research that will inform the debate in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence to be held in 2014.
ESRC Research - image of the Business School

The research will provide evidence and analysis across the broad range of issues and policy areas affected by the Scottish Independence debate and the longer term future of the UK and Scotland. It will assist in the planning across a wide range of areas which will be affected by the outcome of the vote, such as culture and identity, business intelligence and fiscal and monetary policy.

Professor Mackay’s role will be to investigate how the constitutional and political uncertainty surrounding the future of Scotland is influencing business decision making.

“The uncertainties caused by a referendum vote on Scottish independence may influence any number of business decisions, such as whether to invest, re-invest, expand, withdraw, locate or relocate business activity within or outside Scotland and the UK”

During his fellowship Professor Mackay will interview 60 senior business leaders in medium and large companies from across a range of strategically important sectors and industries operating in Scotland.