Edinburgh is a spectacular city, regarded as one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the world, and with an incredibly energetic and diverse cultural life. The cost of living is much lower than London and Edinburgh’s compact size means you can travel around easily, cheaply, and safely.

Fringe box office outside Teviot House on Bristo Square
Scotland’s capital is a city full of history, culture, high employment, and fun—home to the world’s largest arts festival.


Our University Accommodation Service will help exchange students identify on-campus accommodation or will recommend private flats. Once you are accepted onto our MBA exchange programme, we will give you the contact details for the Accommodation Office Liaison Officer.

For those coming for a few weeks only, for one week courses in Semester 2b, early booking is advised for Kenneth Mackenzie House. This is Bed and Breakfast type accommodation offered by the University Accommodation Service and is located within five minutes walk from the School. The School is located in the city centre so you will find many sandwich shops, restaurants, cafés and bars close by.

Accommodation Services


Please note carefully the information about visa processing times. The letter issued by the University of Edinburgh Business School will be your supporting evidence to confirm that you have been accepted on a course of study in the UK.

Visit the Government student visa website

Cost of living

The University provides information on estimated costs of living in Edinburgh.

Cost of living information

Bank accounts

It is virtually impossible to set up a bank account for a short stay in the UK. We recommend that you use your home bank account and your credit card.

Health insurance

Exchange students are covered by the UK National Health Service.