Maria Rejowicz-Quaid Headshot

Research Topic

Examining consumer agency in an obligatory consumption context

Research Summary

My research aims to examine consumer agency in a context where consumption is obligatory because of legal, moral or other factors. Taking an interpretive perspective, I explore obligatory consumption to define and conceptualise this novel concept in consumer research. I use a multi-method approach to describe obligatory consumption at the macro, meso and micro levels. Within this context, which considerably affects consumers’ socio-culturally mediated capacity to act, I examine how consumers exert agency.

Research Area


I am a part-time doctoral researcher, currently in my fourth year of study. I spent seven years in the online marketing industry gaining experience across multiple roles on both client and agency sides. My time spent practising marketing gave me opportunities to learn a wide array of marketing aspects, from advertising and campaign management to analytics and strategy.

Having experienced the craft of marketing first-hand, parts of my research are very much shaped by practical matters. In my time as a doctoral student I have co-organised a World-Class-Workshop Marketing Conference. 'Contemporary thinking in marketing: where theory meets practice' provided an opportunity for fruitful dialogue between PhD students, experienced academic staff and industry professionals from the broad area of marketing. A short summary of the event can be found in the news article, 'World-Class Workshop Conference Summary'.

I was Doctoral Society President in the academic year 2014/2015. Prior to my PhD studies, I received a BComm degree (First Class Honours) from University College Cork in Ireland and an MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis degree from the University of Edinburgh Business School where I was recipient of the Business School Scholarship.