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Lectureship in Human Resource Management/Employment Relations

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Course organiser on Human Resources Management  2 (Year 2 UG)
  • Programme Lead, MA Hons in Business With HRM, University of Edinburgh Business School  
  • Champion for Disability, Race, and Religion on the EDI committee.      


Debora holds a Bachelor's degree (BSc) in Law from the University of Parma and studied political science at the University of Padua. Additionally, she has completed an MBA and holds a PhD in Economics and Business.

Debora is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and teaches in the field of HRM and Organizational Behaviour.    

Debora's research is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach that seeks to bridge disparate research fields to generate new knowledge.   Her research interests are focused on Diversity and Inclusion, spanning various subfields such as gender, neurodiversity, religious beliefs, menopause, and the future of work.   Her research primarily employs qualitative methods, underpinned by an intersectional approach that recognizes the influence of intersecting inequalities on labour experiences.    

Debora extends a warm welcome to exceptionally qualified PhD applicants who are interested in conducting qualitative empirical research projects in the fields of organizational studies and HR management.  

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