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Senior Lecturer in Finance


Huacheng Zhang has been an Associate Professor of Finance at the Accounting and Finance Division of the University of Edinburgh Business School since August 2023. Before that, he was an Assistant/Associate Professor of Finance at the Nottingham University Business School in the UK and the Institute of Financial Studies of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China. He holds a Finance Ph.D. degree from the University of Arizona in USA, an Econ Master's degree from the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in USA, and an MBA degree and an ME bachelor's degree from Chongqing University in China.

His current research interests are in empirical asset pricing, institutional investment, and international finance. His papers were presented at the annual conferences of the American Finance Association (AFA), European Finance Association (EFA), SFS Cavalcade Asian-Pacific, Miami Behavioral Finance Conference, and China International Conference in Finance (CICF),  and published in Management Science, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Journal of Empirical Finance.  

He teaches Foundations of Econometrics (Fall, Doctorial) and Research Methods in Corporate Finance (Spring, Master). 

Research Interests

    Empirical Asset Pricing

    Financial Institution

    International Finance 

Selected Publications

      Hedge fund manager skill and style-shifting, joint with G. Jiang and B. Liang. Management Science (68), 2022.

      Stock selection timing, joint with G. Jiang and G. Zaynutdinov. Journal of Banking and Finance (125), 2021.

      Seasonality in the cross-section of stock returns: Advanced markets vs emerging markets, joint with F. Li and D. Zheng. Journal of Empirical Finance (49),2018 

Selected Working Papers

     That is not my dog: Why doesn't the log dividend-price ratio seem to predict the future log returns or log dividend growths? joint with P. Dybvig.

  • AFA 2019 Conference
  • SFS Cavalcade Asian-Pacific 2017 Conference

     Fundamental extrapolation and stock returns, joint with D. Huang, G. Zhou and Y. Zhu

  • EFA 2020  Conference
  • AFA 2021  Conference

      Retail investor and momentum, joint with J. Du, D. Huang, J. Liu, and A. Subrahmanyam

  • Miami Behavioral Finance 2022 Conference

      Unspanned risk and risk-return tradeoff, with G. Zhou

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