9 May 2019

While Semester 2 has at times been challenging and stressful, it has also been a positive learning curve and filled with beautiful memories. Here is what to expect!
University of Edinburgh Masters in Humans Resource Management students

Just like the first semester, the second semester flew by, probably at an even faster pace. The first half of the second semester was quite relaxed, but the second half was very hectic and also stressful at times because essay and project submissions were lined up, one after the other.

One of the biggest lessons that I have taken from this semester is that of working in teams. Second semester is more about developing our professional and personal skills, and working on group assignments instead of individual assignments, which in itself was a huge challenge. Working in teams is extremely challenging and requires a lot of patience, hard work, time management and critical thinking; and managing multiple teamwork projects at a time can be distressing. There were instances where we would sit for hours sorting out little arguments. However, there were also great opportunities for us all to express our opinions and ideas, and to listen to what others had to say.

Second semester was an opportunity to focus on the subjects that mattered to each of us as we were able to choose our electives. We had the options of choosing from subjects like Global Talent Management, Performance Management, Outsourcing, and so on. We also had various opportunities to interact with leaders and managers from external organisations who spoke on topics like Global Mobility and Talent Management, Performance Management in Organisations and International Talent Acquisition.

Since most of the classes were shared between the HRM and IHRM students, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better. We had a lot of discussions in class about labour markets, Brexit, informal economies and surrogacy, which were not directly a part of the coursework but were extremely informative and interesting.

Another important part of this semester was the dissertation. For the next three months we will be fully dedicated to the dissertation, so it is essential that we make the right decision now about what we want to research. One option is to do a Company Sponsored Dissertation (CSD), where students can work with companies to research a challenge they are facing. A Speed Networking event was held specifically for the HRM and IHRM students, where the Student Development Team invited companies, including Heineken, Velux and Linton Recruitment, onto campus to meet with students. This allowed students to interact with the companies and get to know about them and their project better, after which they could apply to do a dissertation with them.

Semester 2 ended on a good note with a dinner in the last week of March where almost all the students and faculty members gathered together. The day ended with good food, an abundance of great pictures and beautiful memories. With the exams remaining, the semester is yet to end fully, and then the Dissertation awaits us. It is an exciting period, but it also makes me feel anxious at times because it has been one quick year of my Masters. A lot has happened throughout the year, and a lot has still to happen, but I am definitely looking forward to it 😉

Vinisha Prakash, MSc International Human Resource Management