4 September 2019

Last year at this time, I was preparing for a new life in a new country with totally new people. I didn’t know then what I was signing up for. I wasn’t aware of the challenges that I was about to face.
University of Edinburgh Masters in HR students

It wouldn’t be wrong if I said that in the last year ‘life' happened to me. I had known that pursuing a master’s degree wouldn’t be easy but I never knew that while trying to develop myself professionally, I would also grow personally.

Adjusting to Life as a Master's student

This year of my master’s, which just flew by, has been great. There were moments where I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to the end or not. Adjusting personally and academically to the new culture wasn’t always straightforward, but there was always a bright side to look at. I got an opportunity to interact with so many people from different cultures and countries. I missed home here, but without a doubt I made a small family.

Master's class outside

Challenging Myself

I have always felt here that I have challenged myself on numerous occasions, and have done things I wouldn’t have two years back. I worked upon my skill development and received the Edinburgh Award, which I hadn’t thought I’d be able to complete. I featured in one of the Business School videos, which I initially didn’t want to. I felt scared and nervous about getting involved in it, but it was the support from my friends and the school staff that motivated me to speak in front of the camera. No matter how well or not I did in the video, it will always be a memory to be cherished and I will always have that video to remind me of my time here.

One of the things that I was anxious about before coming here was the duration of the lectures. I had never attended regular lectures that lasted for 2 hours. It didn’t seem a very good idea to me at first, but the majority of the lectures were very interactive and interesting, which made it interesting for all of us.

Working with Companies

The Student Development Team (SDT) has been a great help to all of us. Speaking personally, I have had a lot of help from the SDT on multiple occasions, be it CV writing and preparing for interviews, or working on a Company Sponsored Dissertation (CSD). I undertook some very interesting projects during my course: CSD being one of them and the Rainbow Lanyard project being the other. Working with a company on my dissertation (CSD) was a great opportunity for me to develop my professional skills along with making contacts in the corporate world. I got a chance to work with employees on the issues that they faced while working and it gave me a peek into real-life corporate problems. The Rainbow Lanyard project was also extremely insightful and interesting for me, giving me the opportunity to conduct research for the Pride Network at the Business School.

Fun Classmates

As a class, we’ve had great times together. The trip to Copenhagen was a great example of fun and academic learning together. It was nice exploring the city and visiting various companies in Denmark. The regular meet-ups and parties for students and staff just gave us more time to have fun with each-other.

The year at the University of Edinburgh was a fruitful one for me. I learnt a lot in terms of professional work, teamwork, practicalities related to HR, career growth and development, and cultural mix. While I am now gearing up to start my career in HR, I know I am yet to face a lot of challenges, but I am glad that I decided to come to the UK for my higher studies. I met a bunch of wonderful people and have made friends for life. I know I am going to miss this place a lot and all the beautiful people I have met.

It was also a great experience for me as a social media ambassador to share my journey in Edinburgh in the form of blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope everyone reading this has a great time at the university 🙂

Signing off

Vinisha Prakash, MSc International Human Resource Management