I’m Will Zhang, a second-year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh Business School.
Photo of Copenhagen Business School building

This year in March, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as a visiting scholar for around three weeks.

As I arrived at CBS, I was warmly welcomed by my host for the visit, Antonia Erz. She helped me set up my own office desk and provided me with great advice for the visit. Throughout my visit, I was able to reach out to and regularly meet with Antonia and many other accomplished academics at the CBS marketing department. It is very kind of them to offer their time and advice!

Will in his office at Copenhagen Business school

During my stay, I blended into the doctoral researcher community, enjoying great chats and leisure time. I was also inspired by the diverse methodologies and specific approaches shared by the peers at CBS, which provided me with fresh perspectives for my ongoing research.

Overall, I feel warm and very welcomed by both the faculty at CBS and the city. Copenhagen itself is a lovely city to be in, with a variety of food choices and great chilling vibe. It is also fun to engage in spontaneous side quests while exploring the city!

I would highly recommend that all PhD students apply for a visiting scholarship at an overseas university. The visit to Copenhagen Business School is an incredible opportunity for me to expand my network to a wider marketing research community. Chatting with other PhD peers in the wider research community also provided me with further insight on career management as an early career researcher.

Will Zhang, PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh Business School