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Tania Vas MSc

Changing HR in the field of diversity training

Job title
HR Administrator
MSc International Human Resource Management
Graduation year

The course

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS)?

When looking at business schools, I was incredibly impressed with the faculty and their background at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

In addition, UEBS offers students and alumni a variety of opportunities to network and build upon their skills.

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

I loved how the MSc focused on the international aspect of Human Resources. I was intrigued by how the Business School married my passion of people operations and business expansion in a way that was ethical and sustainable in the long-term.

Your career

Can you tell us about your career before and after graduating?

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Religious Philosophy and I worked with young children before I pursued my master's degree.

Soon after graduating, I worked as a talent associate for a marketing company based in Edinburgh. I was able to land this role right after my second semester, thanks to the incredible team at the Business School who helped me polish my CV and prepare for interviews.

Currently, I'm transitioning into a role that is more focused on People Operations within the tech for good space.

My degree taught me to challenge the norm in order to make a difference.
Tania Vas MSc

How did your degree prepare you for your career?

My degree taught me the importance of challenging the norm. As an alum of UEBS, I have learnt that making a difference starts with thinking critically and working collaboratively. My degree helped me believe in my abilities more so than ever before.

Masters of Change

What notable changes has your degree enabled you to make in your professional or personal life?

Overall, my experience at the University of Edinburgh Business School made me a more confident person. I managed to land campaigns with Apple, NBC and Neutrogena at my previous role because I learnt the importance of enterprising behaviour and communicating effectively.

In my personal life, I have learnt to say yes to more things that scare me! This summer, I spent two weeks driving across the United States as I really wanted to go on a cross-country road trip. I've also been learning to roller skate and modelled for a swimwear company's website earlier this year.

What are the changes you have been able to make in your chosen field, of which you are most proud?

Through my dissertation, I was named a finalist for the Young Scot Awards! I met Humza Yousaf, the First Minister of Scotland, and discussed the implications of racial biases within HR and in the UK Parliament. My dissertation was also published as an executive summary by the Business School. Finally, I have been given the opportunity to implement my research at work - so that is quite exciting.

How did your studies at the Business School help you to make those changes?

My studies helped me realise that there was a gap in the literature in the field of diversity training. Instead of waiting around for someone to bridge the gap, I took it upon myself to become a pioneer in this industry. UEBS taught me that my voice matters and that I can be the change I want to see.

What key things that you learnt at the Business School do you still rely on today?

The importance of networking!

Course highlights and advice

What are your best memories on the programme?

I really enjoyed our town hall meetings because it showed me just how much the Business School cared about our experience and our needs. I also loved participating in the Edinburgh Award! My coach was fantastic and helped me push myself.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students and recent graduates?

Do it scared! If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. It's good to put yourself out there because there is always something you can learn - even when you feel like you know it all.

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