4 May 2022

Most of us attend University to gain new knowledge, excel in our chosen programme, and find out new ways to professionally develop ourselves. Looking back to 8 months ago, I've tried to constantly push myself to find new ways of developing myself professionally, and I can already notice a difference in how I've grown!
Developing professionally at the Business School

For students joining the Business School this coming academic year, here are some ways you can consider moulding your professional journey and make the most of your time at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Mentorship programme

The mentorship programme organised by the Student Development Team launched an informal pilot scheme that paired Business School alumni with MSc students this year. This gives students an opportunity to interact with alumni and gain knowledge on questions they might have about the future of work, the job role the alumni currently works in, and other valuable insights useful to the student.

How does it work? Students are able to give their preference from a list of mentors, submit their application, and will eventually get matched with a mentor on a first-come, first-served basis.

Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award for Professional Development is designed to help students work on three chosen skills at the start of the academic year. This helps students constantly work to sharpen their desired skills by taking part in sessions organised by the Business School, online courses, and other activities to develop that skill further.

You can work on your own or participate in the Buddy Programme where you are able to work with other students who've picked similar skills like you to help you in this journey. This professional journey will not only help you capitalise on your strengths but also stand out to your potential employer. The best part? You get rewarded with an official certificate from the University at the end of it. Add that extra feather in your hat and take part in the Edinburgh Award!

Work with the Business School

Find out ways of working with the Business School and gain valuable experience. How? Send in your application to be a Student Ambassador for the Business School or find out openings to work with the Student Development Team! Keep your eye open for these roles or similar opportunities that will add value to your professional journey. That's not it—this experience will also open different avenues for you to work with diverse teams, work on different transferable skills like cross-cultural communication, written/verbal communication, and more!


Yes, you read that right! Your coursework or assignments can be a great value-add to your professional journey even without you realising it. Those constant trips to the library finally paid off! But in all seriousness, working on assignmetns does play a part in sharpening your analytical, research, and written communication skills—all very crucial to hone. While studying and reading chunks of information to formulate a strong argument, I didn't realise how it was developing me professionally too.

Extracurricular activities

Though not solely organised by the Business School, I found this to be an important part of being able to develop myself at the University of Edinburgh. I've noticed a number of activities and fortunately also been a part of one where I've seen the impact it had on me and the experiences I can look back on now. Activities like consulting projects, Speakeasy, and other departmental masterclasses or projects can definitely help you move beyond the ordinary and leave you with valuable skills making you 10 times more attractive to your potential employer! This experience will not only help you interact with diverse teams and gain different perspectives on a given topic, but also network (which is key) and foster connections with people. The wider you build your circle, the more beneficial it'll be to you.

These are a few ways I feel you can truly push yourself to reach your full potential at the Business School. The more you push yourself outside your comfort zone, the more opportunities are available for you to grab onto. Are you excited to develop your professional self at the Business School? Send in an application to the programme of your choice to begin your journey!

Rhema Joseph is studying MSc International Human Resource Management (class of 2022).