16 February 2022

Rhema Joseph shares her favourite picks from her first semester at the University of Edinburgh Business School.
Highlights from semester one - Dean Village

After numerous trips to the library, attending class almost every day, sitting in cosy cafés with your favourite latte and taking short day trips over the weekend, we can all agree semester one flew by. However, there are some favourite picks I'd like to share about my first semester at the Business School.

With the pandemic still prevalent, I was really fortunate to have all my classes in person and experience university life in all its fullness. Classroom discussions were enriching; group projects were easier to coordinate in person, and meeting my newfound friends every day in class was fun! However, I must say that hybrid teaching is also very well managed, as all my modules were well-structured and organised. That, coupled with class recordings, would have surely helped those that wanted to revisit any important study material or concept. Highlights for me were applying classroom knowledge to my extracurricular tasks and the additional workshops organised by my programme.

However, for me, semester one did not just include making my way to class and working on submissions at the end of the day. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and it holds something historical or significant wherever you walk. Immersing yourself in beautiful scenic sights, walking past every nook and corner seeing something of value, Edinburgh is truly more than just a city.

During my first semester, I visited the farmer's market which, by the way, is on every weekend. I took a trip to Dean Village and Dunnottar Castle, took a bus ride to the beautiful North Berwick, and watched the sun go down in mighty winds at Aberlady. Not just that; with every new place came a new café or restaurant I had to visit!

In addition to all this was the Guy Fawkes fireworks at Edinburgh's Calton Hill, which was definitely a treat for the eyes. WIth hundreds bundled up in the cold, the pretty sight of fireworks in the starry night sky was one of my highlights. Apart from that, the famous Scottish Highlands, along with a cruise to spot Nessie (We couldn't...or could we?) was a trip my friends and I were able to make during Reading Week.

To top it off, Edinburgh in December was another treat altogether. With a few snowy surprises, it really set the scene for Christmas. The beautiful Christmas market stocked up with hot cocoa, sizzling hotdogs, churros and candy, along with discounted rides for students was a much-needed break after the stress of submissions.

My experience has been great, learning more each day to explore the city around me. Though I know that one third of this journey has come to an end, it's left me with skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. From making new friends to gaining new knowledge, I'm excited to see how semester two unfolds and what I get checked off my list next.

What about you? What are your plans for semester two?

Rhema Joseph is studying for MSc International Human Resource Management.