The Business School is piloting a Chatbot that will provide users with responses to the most common admissions queries for the Master's in Business Analytics programme.


Aim of the Pilot

This pilot aims to investigate whether this innovative and cutting-edge technology can improve user experience by providing real-time responses to common admissions queries.

Where is the Chatbot Available?

The Chatbot is only available in the Master's in Business Analytics programme section of the website. It can be accessed using the red speech bubble widget on the bottom right of the Business Analytics pages.

Why is the Chatbot Not Available on Other Business School Pages?

So we can conduct a comprehensive pilot which evaluates the technology and user impact, we are focusing on a small-scale pilot to allow us to better manage risk and monitor performance.

What About My Data?

The Chatbot does not require users to enter personal information and any text entered into the free text section is deleted after 90 days. The Chatbot is hosted on cloud infrastructure based in the UK.