With the exam season upon us, as a student at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS), you may find yourself navigating the challenges of coursework and exams, seeking help to boost your academic performance. The BizPALs are here particularly for that purpose, serving as your go-to resource for academic support and community building. Student ambassador, Bipsita Lohani, shares more on her experience with and the value of BizPALs.
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A Glimpse into the BizPALs

BizPALs, short for Peer Assisted Learning Scheme, is a team of dedicated undergraduate volunteers from various background and study programs, spanning across 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students in the business school. The PALs aim to support fellow students, particularly 1st and 2nd years during their transition into university study, life, and academics. They’ve got various schemes including SkillsPALs, AccountancyPALs, FinancePALs, and the BizNetwork.

The Skill Session Experience

The skill session I attended, led by the AccountancyPALs, focused on course materials covering week 10, relevant to 1st and 2nd-year business students. The session wasn’t a mere lecture but an interactive experience where students actively engaged. The one-hour session led students through practice questions, provided additional materials and resources, creating an environment conducive to learning and understanding. The PALs were readily available to address any queries or concerns, creating a dynamic learning environment that was both supportive and effective.

BizPALs’ USP (unique selling point)

Whether you’re struggling with essay writing, presentation skills, or course-specific content, BizPALs has your back through their various PALs schemes. They host a variety of skill sessions throughout the year, primarily focusing on 1st and 2nd year students. Their sessions cover contents beyond academics, such as flat hunting, building your CV, recognizing challenges faced during early stage of university transition, and other practical aspects of university life. The versatility of these sessions ensures that students receive comprehensive support for both academic and personal development.

Beyond the Classroom: A Community for All Years

Along with academic success, BizPALs is a community that extends beyond the confines of the classroom and recognizes the importance of a holistic university experience. The BizNetwork is the social networking scheme of BizPALs, open to students from all years, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the business school. They host various events and programs throughout the year, acting as a community and support system within the business school. In conclusion, the BizPALs are more than just peer advisors and tutors, it’s a community dedicated to your success, providing tools and guidance needed to thrive. With their unique social network, complemented by excellent academic support, they form a robust framework for students to navigate the complexities of university life successfully. If you're a business student at the University of Edinburgh, BizPALs is a resource you cannot afford to overlook. So, fellow students, as exams begin and the pressure mounts, remember that you're not alone. The BizPALs community is here to guide you, support you, and empower you on your academic journey.

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