15 December 2021

Stephen Osborne and the Centre for Service Excellence (CenSE) team, together with colleagues from around the world, have been instrumental over the past decade in developing the Public Service Logic (PSL) framework for the management and delivery of public services.
Two garbage truck public service employees

This is implied in understanding public services as 'services'. It adopts and adapts concepts from service management and marketing theory to explore how public services can add value to the lives of public service users and citizens — or can sometimes destroy such value.

At the heart of the framework are both a conceptualisation of 'value' in the context of public services and an understanding that such value creation takes place within public service ecosystems.

To understand this important contribution to public service management from CenSE, read Stephen Osbourne’s Public Service paper for a short guide to the roots and concepts of the PSL framework.

A version of this article was originally published on the CenSE website.